Q: Can I drive on the beach?
A: No vehicles of any type are permitted on the beach

Q: Are boats allowed to be moored on the beach in front of holiday homes and in front of the existing Site 38 (block D)?
A: Yes they are and this will allow you ready access to the lagoon.

Q: Where can I launch my boat?
A: Currently you can launch/retrieve your boat at either of the following two resorts, which have slipways: Palmeiros (1km) or Blilene Club Lodge (3km). San Martinho Beach Club will eventually have its own dedicated launch ramp.

Q: Is there a launching fee?
A: Currently (2013) the fee is around 200Meticais (about R100).

Q: How many boats and jet ski's can I have at the resort?
A: One of each. These can be stored long term in the dedicated boat storage facility.

Q: Do I need a permit/license?
A: The following permits (2013 fees) need to be obtained from the local Maritime Officer::

Boat on lagoon: 900 Meticais (valid for a month)
Vessel out to sea (must have a valid skipper license): 1200 Meticais (valid for a month)
Canoe: 600 Meticais (valid for a month)
Jet Ski 800 Meticais (valid for a month)
Sailboat: 900 Meticais (valid for a month)
Spearfishing 500 Meticais (per day)

Q: Where is the Maritime Office?
A: It is located in Bilene (next to the second garage). The operating hours are as follows: Monday to Friday: 07h00 to 15h00, Saturday and Sunday: 07h00 to 12h00. Ask for either Vincent or Peter.

Q: What other legal requirements are there?
A: The boat must be skippered by someone with a valid Skipper's Licence and all the required safety equipment must be on board.

Q: How many storage garages will there be?
A: 50 fishing boat storage garages (3.5m x 10m) and 100 jet ski, car, smaller boat storage garages (3.5m x 5m).

Q: Are they available to rent or lease?
A: Each fishing boat storage garage will be available for rental at 3,520 MZN/month, whilst the smaller garage will be available for rental at 1,920 MZN/month. A long term lease, for either garage size, is available at a reduced rate upon request.

Q: What can I store in it?
A: Boat, ski's, Quad Bikes, Jet Ski, Car etc.

Q: Can I braai (barbeque)?
A: Yes, if it's in the designated area either at your holiday home or within the resort.

Q: Is there DStv?
A: Yes, a South African Bouquet of programmes is available.

Q: Do I need a fishing permit?
A: Yes. 400 Meticais (2013 fee) per person valid for a month (check again at the Maritime Office as this can change in peak season to 400 Meticais per rod).

Q: Where is the best place to fish?
A: The surf and offshore fishing is outstanding. Utilise a boat to reach the lagoon mouth and fish from the beach facing the Indian Ocean.

Q: How are flammable liquids to be stored?
A: A special container will be available in the boat yard.

Q: Are there plans for a marina?
A: Yes, there will be a marina on the lagoon as well as riverside moorings. These will be constructed during phases B and C.

Q: Where can I park my vehicle/s ?
A: Your holiday home comes with two carports for your own private use.

Q: What about my boat or trailer?
A: The resort has a designated area set aside to accommodate these.

Q: Can I bring my own quad bike?
A: Yes, but we do not allow them to be used around the resort or on the beach, but you can ride in and around town. You must have a valid driver's licence on you at all times.

Q: What facilities are currently available at the resort?
A: Adventure Golf, Bicycles, Club house, Dry Bar (with fridge), Games Room, Gym, Infinity swimming pool and Kayaks.

Q: Can I snorkel and dive?
A: You can snorkel and dive in both th lagoon and offshore.

Q: How safe is it to swim in the lagoon?
A: The resort has demarcation buoys offshore to ensure a safe swimming area.

Q: Do I need to bring my own diving/snorkelling gear?
A: Although there is a dive shop in Beline, bring your own if you can.

Q: Can I water ski or wakeboard?
A: Yes (Be carefull of sandbanks in the lagoon).

Q: Can I canoe/kayak on the lagoon?
A: Yes, the resort has kayaks available for guests to use.


Q: Is there a restriction as to how much money I can bring into Mozambique?
A: No, but ensure that you comply with the foreign exchange export regulations of the country you reside in.

Q: What is the Mozambican currency?
A: It is a Metical, which is divided into a hundred centavos. The currency abbreviation is MZN, which it is displayed as MTn for the sale of goods and services. The plural of the Metical is Metecais (pronounced as "meticash").

Q: What currency can I use when travelling in Mozambique?
A: You can use South African Rands, US Dollars and Mozambican Meticais.

Q: What is the Rand/Metical exchange rate?
A: On average ±3.2 but this can fluctuate. Exchange your Rands at a bank for Meticais or utilise the ATMs to get the bank's official exchange rate.

Q: Where is the nearest ATM?
A: Bilene Town has two banks with ATM's, which accept debit cards and (Visa) credit cards. You can normally only draw 5000 Meticais at a time.

Q: Can I use debit and credit cards in Mozambique?
A: You can use these to draw cash and pay for goods and services at most local restaurants and shops.

Q: Is there a beauty spa nearby?
A: No, there is no beauty spa. As the resort expands, a day spa facility may be added to the ammenities on offer.

Q: Do I need international roaming on my cell phone?
A: Yes, or purchase a local sim card (local number). You purchase these for MCell or Vodacom.

Q: What do I need to connect to the internet?
A: A 3G connection, but be warned the reception is weak.

Q: Can I utilise WiFi?
A: There is no WiFi access within the area.

Q: Can I purchase petrol locally?
A: Yes, there is a petrol station in Beline.

Q: Is there a garage in Bilene, so I can repair my car if necessary?
A: There is one for minor repairs - at Macia (50km) there is a workshop.

Q: Where is the closest medical facility?
A: Bilene has a basic clinic, whilst Xai-Xai (100km) has a hospital.

Q: Should I take anti-malaria medication?
A: We recommend that you do.

Q: Are there any local restaurants?
A: There are about 6 restaurants in Bilene.

Q: What is the nightlife like?
A: The restaurants provide local entertainment. A disco club is planned for Bilene.

Q: Do I need a 4x4 to to drive within the area?
A: No, the quality of the roads is good enough to support all vehicle types .

Q: What are the speed limits within the area?
A: The speed limit through all villages is 60km/hour. However, the town of Macia imposes a speed limit of 40km/hour.

Q: How safe is Mozambique for visitors?
A: Very, our visitors have not encountered any problems to date.

Q: Is it safe to eat local produce.i.e bread and fruit?
A: Yes. As in most countries, wash fruit and vegetables before consuming.

Q: Is it safe to drink the water?
A: The locals do, but we suggest that you utilise bottled water for drinking and making ice cubes.

Q: Can I bring fresh produce with me into Mozambique?
A: Yes you can, but please ensure that it is vacum packed.

Q: Where can I do my grocery shopping?
A: Basic groceries can be purchased in Beline. Macia (50km) has a branch of Shoprite.

Q: What is the climate like?
A: Rain normally falls between December and March and is accompanied by high humidity.
The rainy season ends, together with a drop in humidity between April and May.
June to October is the dry season with no rain and clear blue skies, with June, July and August being the coolest months.
As November is a "transition month", expect the rainy season to commence anytime towards the end of that month.


Q: Which is the closest international airport?
A: Maputo International Airport. The airport has flights from Addis Ababa, Doha, Durban, Harare, Johannesburg, Lisbon, Luanda and Nairobi. All of Mozambique's other cities have frequent flights from this airport.

Q: Is there an airstrip at Bilene?
A: Yes, 4km from the resort with a 600m runway in good condition. You will need to clear Customs first at Maputo International Airport, before proceeding to Bilene airport.

Q: What about the Mhlemeni/Goba border post?
A: Situated between Swaziland and Mozambique.
Allows for the shortest journey time between Maputo and Durban.
Operates 24hours daily (07h00 - 09h00 and 16h00 - 19h00 are "peak periods").

Q: What about the Lomahasha/Namaacha border post?
A: Situated between Swaziland (Lomahasha) and Mozambique (Namaacha)
Normal operating hours: 07h00 - 22h00 daily (extended to 06h00 - 22h00 during the festive seaon)
Phone number: Lomahasha border post is +268 207 9120 (please phone before arriving)
Phone number: Namaacha border post is +258 21 960090

Q: What about the Golela/Lavumisa border post?
A: Situated between South Africa (Golela) and Swaziland (Lavumisa).
Normal operating hours: 07h00 - 22h00 daily (extended to 06h00 - 22h00 during the festive seaon).
Phone number: Golela border post is +27 34 435 1070 (please phone before arrival).

Q: What about the Komatipoort/Lebombo border post?
A: Situated between South Africa (Komatipoort) and Mozambique (Lebombo)
Normal operating hours: 06h00 - 00h00 daily (24hrs/day over Easter and Christmas)
Phone number: Komatipoort border post is +27 13 793 7311 (please phone before arrival)

Q: What general items are required?
A: Financing of vehicle - If your vehicle is still being financed, get a letter from your bank allowing your vehicle to cross the border.
Vehicle registration papers - If the vehicle is not registered in your name then obtain a letter of authorisation (stamped by a lawyer or the SAPS) from the owner of the vehicle to drive and take the vehicle into Mozambique.
Valid driver's licence - must be carried at all times when driving.
Third Party Insurance - compulsory, valid for 30 days.
Temporary Import permit for the vehicle - compulsory, purchased at Mozambican Customs and paid in Meticais.
Proof that an Immigration fee has been paid per person.
All South African vehicles must display a ZA sticker as well as a yellow triangle on a blue background (only when towing).
If towing a trailer, you need 2 x yellow and blue Mozambique warning triangles: one displayed on the vehicle's front bumper and the other on the rear of the trailer.
Two warning triangles (just in case of an emergency).
A fire extinguisher.
Yellow reflective jacket (if more than 2 people are travelling in the vehicle, then 2 jackets are required).

Q: What documentation is required by the South African authorities?
A: Fill in a "Vehicle Temporary Export" form, in which you detail your vehicle particulars.
List all the main items you are taking through and will be bringing back into SA (i.e. trailers, boats, fishing equipment etc.) to prevent any problem upon your return.

Q: What documentation is required by the Mozambican authorities?
A: The vehicle particulars and temporay imports form needs to be completed and stamped along with your border gate pass. List all the main items you are taking through and will be bringing back into SA (i.e. trailers, boats, fishing equipment etc.) to prevent any problem upon your return.
You must have insurance, if you haven't already bought insurance purchase it from one of the local insurance agents operating outside the Custom's area.
Keep in mind when detailing your lengh of stay in Mozambique that there is a daily fine for staying longer than stipulated. As a precaution, add a few extra days to allow for any unforeseen happening.
Hand all the documentation to the officials should you be stopped at the border gate.

Q: Do I need a passport to visit Mozambique?
A: All non Mozambican nationals require a valid passport to enter Mozambique. The passport must have at least two blank pages available for the insertion of visa stamps and the passport expiry date can be no less than six months after the date on which the passport holder intends to depart Mozambique.

Q: Do I need a visa to visit Mozambique?
A: Nationals of the following countries are exempt from visas when visiting Mozambique for no longer than 30 days: Botswana, Malawi, Mauritius, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe. All other passport holders require a visa, which is obtainable from the nearest Mozambican Consulate. These must be obtained before leaving for Mozambique as the old visa on arrival process at border posts is no longer permitted (except in extreme cases and this will incur an additional fee to that of the standard visa fee). Mozambican Consulates in South Africa:

Johannesburg: 011 327 2942
Pretoria: 012 401 0300
Durban: 031 304 0200
Cape Town: 021 426 2944

Click here to download a visa application form.

Q: How long can I stay as a visitor?
A: A maximum of 30 days. A fine is applied per person per every day overstayed.



Q: Villa Praia
A: 36 free standing holiday homes located directly on the beach
You have an option of a holiday home that comprises either 3 or 4 bedrooms and has 3 bathrooms.
The holiday home is 180m² (9m x 20m)
The holiday home structure incorporates a staff room (you have a choice of converting it to a store room) and a built-in braai area
A plunge pool is included
Insect screens on all windows and sliding doors
DStv connection points in the lounge and main bedroom
Fully fitted kitchen, with stove, hob and extractor fan (fridge excluded)
Exclusive access to 2 allocated car ports in the parking area.
Optional extra: Air-Conditioning for each room can be added to the base price

Q: Villa Floresta
A: 7 free standing holiday homes located along the river
You have an option of a holiday home that comprises either 3 or 4 bedrooms and has 3 bathrooms.
The holiday home is 180m² (9m x 20m)
The holiday home structure incorporates a staff room (you have a choice of converting it to a store room) and a built-in braai area
A plunge pool is included
Insect screens on all windows and sliding doors
DStv connection points in the lounge and main bedroom
Fully fitted kitchen, with stove, hob and extractor fan (fridge excluded)
Exclusive access to 2 allocated car ports in the parking area.
Optional extra: Air-Conditioning for each room can be added to the base price

Q: Villa Estrela
A: 6 free standing holiday homes located upon a hill
You have an option of a holiday home that comprises either 3 or 4 bedrooms and has 3 bathrooms.
The holiday home is 180m² (9m x 20m)
The holiday home structure incorporates a staff room (you have a choice of converting it to a store room) and a built-in braai area
A plunge pool is included
Insect screens on all windows and sliding doors
DStv connection points in the lounge and main bedroom
Fully fitted kitchen, with stove, hob and extractor fan (fridge excluded)
Exclusive access to 2 allocated car ports in the parking area.
Optional extra: Air-Conditioning for each room can be added to the base price


Q: What is the basis of ownership of the holiday home?
A: You will own your holiday home on a Propiedade Horizontal (Sectional Title) basis. Ownership lasts for perpetuity and you get a title to your holiday home but not the land.

Q: When do I get the Title for the holiday home purchased?
A: Once your unit is completed it will be registered in your name and you will get a "Property Certificate in respect of the Section" issued by the Property Registration Office in the Xai-Xai District.

Q: Why is the land on a 99 year lease?
A: All land in Mozambique is owned by the State. Most property developments are leased this way in Mozambique.

Q: What happens after 99 years?
A: It will be automatically renewed unless the government decides differently. They will then have to compensate the person to whom you bequeathed your holiday home for all improvements made to the land by virtue of the holiday home being situated thereon.

Q: What is the estimated base price for a holiday home within each village?
A: The base price (which is subject to the developer's discretion) is for a 180m2 sized holiday home, regardless as to whether the 3 bedroom or 4 bedroom holiday home option is selected.
Villa Praia = $315,000.00
Villa Floresta = $255,000.00
Villa Estrela = $255,000.00

Q: What is the estimated price for a holiday home, complete with furniture and air-conditioning (in all bedrooms), so that I can take part in the resort's rental pool to earn income on my property investment?
A: Calculated on the location of the holiday home and the number of bedrooms it contains, these "ready to go" prices (subject to the developer's discretion) are as follows:
Villa Praia = 3 bedroom holiday home $339,000.00
Villa Praia = 4 bedroom holiday home $342,500.00
Villa Floresta = 4 bedroom holiday home $282,500.00
Villa Estrela = 4 bedroom holiday home $282,500.00

Q: What sheduled fittings are included within the base price?
A: Foundations - concrete and steel rods.
Walls - block and plaster.
Floors - concrete slab with tiles.
Bathrooms - tiles 50% to ceiling.
Ceilings - rhino board.
Cupboards - super wood doors and press board shelves and interior or owners choice.
Kitchen tops - Granite.
Frames & Doors - wood - solid door exterior, Interior - hollow core, Sliding doors - Aluminium bronze.
Windows - aluminium tilt up with mesh screens.
PC allowances.
Roof - concrete tiles.
Roof structure - wooden beams SABS approved.

Q: What are the PC allowances?
Sanitary Ware $5,714.30 (Taps, Toilets, Bath, Basins, Mirrors, Shower Cubicles, Vanity and Wall Fittings)
Built-In Cupboards $4,761.90
Light Fittings and Fans $1,714.29
Kitchen Units $7,142.86 (Including Granite work surfaces, Stove, Hob and Extractor Fan)
Pool & Installed Motor $4,761.90

The Aluminium sliding doors and windows will be the same quality as used in the show unit.

Q: Are the current Duplexes in D Block (site 38) and the free standing villas at sites 159 & 160 also for sale?
A: Yes, the fully furnished sales prices are as follows:

7 Duplex units at site 38 (D Block): 3 Bedroom Unit: $300,000.00 and a 4 Bedroom Unit: $350,000.00
Free standing Villas - Site 159: 4 Bedroom House: $355,000.00
Free standing Villas - Site 160: 3 Bedroom House: $335,000.00

Q: What sized units will be made available for timeshare?
A: Our timeshare block consists of 2, 3 & 4 bedroom units. Units: 1+4 will be 3 bedroom. Unit 2 will be 2 bedroom, whilst Unit 3 will be a 4 bedroom.

Q: What about units at the current Site 38 (D Block)?
A: The Developer is going to make selected units available. Further information will follow.

Q: What will be the duration of my timeshare investment?
A: 99 years and it can be bequeathed.

Q: Can I trade in other timeshare weeks as part payment for my timeshare in San Martinho?
A: Regretably, we do not accept another resort's timeshare weeks.

Q: What does my timeshare purchase get me?
A: A guaranteed week (as per the timeshare calendar) in a specific unit.

Q: Can I exchange my timeshare for accommodation at other resorts?
A: Yes you can do so through the Beekman Managed Portfolio (BMP). Not only will you have access to two other high end resort developments (in South Africa) but also access to the over 4000 resorts, both locally and worldwide, offered by iExchange.

Q: What if I can't use my allocated week?
A: Simply bank your week with BMP and arrange for an alternative week more suitable for you or book accommodation at another resort.

Q: Can I participate in a rental pool to earn income?
A: When banking your week with BMP you have the option of earning cash from it rather than accommodation flexibility. You will receive a equal share of the income generated by the rental pool.

Q: Can I pay cash and extend my existing week in order to stay longer at the resort?
A: This can only be done through the rental pool and is dependent on availability.

Q: At what percentage must the timeshare block be sold before building commences?
A: Construction will commence once 50% of timeshare block has been sold.

Q: How soon after purchasing can I use my timeshare?
A: This is dependent on the construction status of the timeshare block. An arrangement will be made with the Developer concerning the units on Site 38 (D Block).

Q: Will the Levies have to be paid monthly or annually and through which bank account?
A: Levies are paid annually via a Mozambican bank account. They are subject to 17% Mozambican VAT.

Q: What are the timeshare purchase prices for each week?
A: Dependent on the size of the timeshare unit selected and the deposit paid, prices commence from $4,788.57. For more information, kindly send a request via email:

Q: What is the length of a timeshare week?
A: Friday to the following Friday.

Q: What are the resort's check-in and check-out times?
A: Check-In Friday afternoon; Check-Out Friday morning.

Q: Is there a financing plan to allow me to purchase timeshare?
A: Yes, we have three options: 34% Deposit and Finance; 50% Deposit and Finance and 6 Months or Cash. Our Finance options payback period is over 24 months. For more information, kindly send a request via email:

Q: Is there a discount if I pay in cash upfront for my timeshare?
A: Yes, a 5% discount will be applied

Q: Can I do a site visit before making a purchase decision and to view the progress of my holiday home?
A: You are more than welcome to visit our site. Please make arrangements with the sales representative you are liaising with.



Q: Which company is handling the legalities and who do I contact there?
A: PricewaterhouseCoopers in Maputo. You are free to contact them:: +258 21 350 400 | Fax: +258 21 320 299

Q: Can I appoint my own attorney or notary?
A: Yes, you are free to do so.

Q: Can a Company or Trust purchase?
A: Yes, there is no restriction

Q: Can I purchase in my company's name?
A: Yes, there is no restriction

Q: Can I form a trust for the purpose of the purchase?
A: Yes, you are free to do so

Q: How do I pay?
A: You transfer funds to a dedicated Mozambique bank account from South Africa.

Q: Which bank is utilised in Mozambique and what is the name of the Trust Account payments are made into?
Full account details will be sent to you upon the signing of contracts.

Q: What % interest do I earn whilst my money is in this Mozambique trust account?
A: The applicable interest rate (as for a Call Account) existing on the date of inquiry

Q: What are the costs of stamp duty, registration, notary and other fees?
A: Property Transfer Tax On transfer = 2% of purchase price
Stamp Duty On transfer = .2% of purchase price
Stamp Duty On promisory contract = 200 Meticais
Public Deed Notary Fee On a $238,095.00 sale = 39,540 Meticais *
Public Deed Notary Fee On a $333,333.00 sale = 46,860.00 Meticais *
Real Estate Registration Office Fee On a $238,095.00 sale = 21,910.00 Meticais
Real Estate Registration Office Fee On a $333,333.00 sale = To be confirmed

* Please note that the public deed notary fee and the real estate registration office fees are indicative only and are based on the current exchange rate. Also, we are waiting for the final figure for the real estate registration office fee for an indicative $333,333.00 sale.

Q: Is Mozambican VAT of 17% payable on Propriedade Horizontal and Timeshare purchases.
A: No VAT is payable on the purchase of a complete unit.

Q: Is Mozambican VAT of 17% payable on levies?
A: VAT is added to the levy amount charged.

Q: As a South African resident, will I be provided with documentation to give to SARS?
A: Any South African can send R4 million annually offshore to use as they wish. However, should you wish to rather utilise your separate SADEC annual allowance, we will provide you with a contract for SARS clearance for the full amount of the purchase price. Produce this when arranging the transfer of funds out of South Africa to the Mozambican bank account number we will provide to you.

Q: Can I apply for a bond?
A: Only if you are a citizen of Mozambique.

Q: How will I know at what stage my building is at and when the 20% deposits are required. Who notifies me and how much time do I have to deposit the money?
A: Our Head Office will continually keep you updated about the progress of your holiday home. You pay in instalments (as detailed below) and 5 days from the date of the invoice emailed to you to pay the required instalment.

1 Date of signature - draw out of Trust account when at floor height = 20%
2 Roof height with walls (not plastered) and door and window frames fitted = 20%
3 Roof erected and tiled, all electrical concluded and plumbing pipes fitted = 20%
4 Plaster inside and outside, tiled floors and bathrooms - fit all sanitary ware, erect ceilings = 20%
5 Fitting kitchen units, cupboards, all taps, light fittings, painting, all finishes = 10%
6 Hand over and signing of the definitive sale agreement and once registered in the Purchasers name = 10%

We will draw from the Trust Account as and when 1 - 6 is completed

Q: On Promissory Sale Agreement , what about Trust , Company, and In Community of property purchaser details?
A: The Sales Agreement will make allowances for Trust and Company purchasers. As this is in Mozambique, South Africa's "In Community of Property" legislation does not apply.

Q: Can I form a syndicate?
A: Yes you are free to do so.


Q: Do I have an option as to how many bedrooms my villa will have?
A: You can select either a 3 or 4 bedroom villa.

Q: Can I access the two building plans?
A: Yes you can.

Q: How long before I can use my new holiday home?
A: Depends on when you sign, but can take 6 to 8 months or sooner.

Q: Will I be kept up to date on building progress?
A: Yes, by email including photos

Q: Is the estimated completion date 8 months from date the Promissory Sale Agreement has been signed and the deposit paid?
A: Yes, however this may change depending on construction circumstances.

Q: Is the date of occupation on transfer or earlier. If earlier, is occupational rental paid? To whom and how much?
A: On transfer or Developer's decision. No occupational rental, but all levies and costs pertaining to SMBC and the holiday home is paid by you.

Q: How will electricity and water be monitored and paid for?
A: A meter will be installed for each house/unit, this cost will be included in the construction cost of the house. The resort will pay the electrical bill for the complete resort and then bill each holiday home owner monthly (based on their personal use). Water consumption is included within your levy.

Q: Can the outside plan of the sectional title (Propriedade Horizontal) be changed in shape (dog leg, square or what-ever) or composition as opposed to brick and mortar?
A: No, the house plan and materials utilised is fixed to ensure uniformity of all buildings within the resort.

Q: Exterior finishing: Can I make any changes to window sizes, exterior doors, paint colours and type of roof?
A: No, the house plan and finishes utilised is fixed to ensure uniformity of all buildings within the resort.

Q: Alterations: Can I add on a room, extend the size of a room, build a double storey or add a loft room in the future. Can I have a perimeter fence?
A: No, the house plan and external aesthetics adopted is fixed to ensure uniformity of all buildings within the resort.

Q: I understand that the maintenance of the outside of the holiday home is covered by the Levy. If I want the resort to maintain my holiday home interior can I request this? What will the cost be? If a geyser bursts or taps leak, does the resort enter my premises and carry out repairs with my permission or must I call in outside contractors?
A: The above scenario is best negotiated and agreed upon with the Managing Agent. A list of approved contractors will be made available to you.

Q: What extra's can my holiday home have?
A: Air-conditioning, per room, is an optional extra. If selected, the associated procuring and installation costs will be separate to the sales price of the standard holiday home.

Q: How many car parking bays will I have?
A: Two shaded car parking bays are allocated per house

Q: How many storage garages will there be?
A: 50 fishing boat storage garages (3.5m x 10m) and 100 jet ski, car, smaller boat storage garages (3.5m x 5m).

Q: Are they available to rent or lease?
A: These are available on long term lease (minimum period of 1 year) and are subject to availability. 50 large garages: R1100.00 each p/month. The 100 other garages: R600 each per month.

Q: Can I choose my own finishes?
A: You will have a choice of 3 kitchen & tile combinations.

Q: What appliances are included?
A: A geyser, stove, hob and extractor fan are included.

Q: Can air-conditioning be installed?
A: It is available at an extra cost. The cost is dependent on how many rooms have air-conditoning installed.

Q: What fittings come as standard?
A: Fans, Light fittings, Tiled floors, Kitchen units, Cupboards, Bathroom fittings, etc.

Q: Do I have a choice as to the type of flooring in my holiday home?
A: You do have a choice as to the type of flooring.

Q: Regarding the P.C . Allowances: will there be sample tiles etc on site for me to view?
A: There are samples of tiles and kitchen finishes.

Q: If I want to supply my own entire interior P.C. (lighting, bathroom utilities & Kitchen) what are the import costs and transport costs, can I use the resort's credited transportation company?
A: In such cases, you will be personaly responsible for making all the arrangments and meeting all associated costs

Q: Can the developer furnish my holiday home for me?
A: The developer will be happy to furnish your holiday home to the same specifications as displayed within the showhouse. Not only will this make life simple for you, but by doing this you can also participate in the rental pool. The furnishing cost is separate to the price of the holiday home.

Q: Where can I buy furniture?
A: Any furniture retailer in Mozambique (ideally in Maputo) or in South Africa

Q: How do I get it there?
A: Deliver it yourself or contract a delivery company to do it for you.

Q: Can I bring in furniture from South Africa?
A: Yes, you can import furniture from South Africa (or from whatever country you are residing in).

Q: Will I have to pay import duties on furniture?
A: Yes. The actual amount payable is determined by the type of furniture item it is

Q: Are there interior decorators in Mozambique?
A: None are known to us

Q: When and how are the levies paid, can they be paid yearly for a discount?
A: You can pay monthly or yearly. No discount is applied as levies are budgeted costs. Levies are utilised to maintain your holiday home, thereby ensuring that it meets your expectations.

Q: How secure will my house be in my absence?
A: We will have 24 hour security at the resort.

Q: Is a private security firm utilised?
A: No, the resort employs its own security guards.

Q: What is the size of the plunge pool that comes with the holiday villa?
A: The standard size is 3m x 2.4 meters.

Q: What if I don't wish to have the plunge pool?
A: It won't be constructed, resulting in extra verandah space. The cost of the plunge pool, as allocated within the PC List, will be refunded to you.