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St Francis Bay is situated in a temperate region known as the Agulhas Marine Province which stretches from Cape Agulhas to East London. This stretch of coastline is referred to as the Sunshine Coast and St Francis Bay enjoys a mild year-round climate with the longest sunshine hours along the South African Coast.

Although rain can be expected in any month, it is most plentiful in spring and autumn and is mostly associated with southerly to south easterly winds. Sea temperatures in the bay are dependant on oceanic conditions and can range from as low as 10 (uncommon) to as high as 24 degrees centigrade (fairly common in summer). Coastal upwelling makes the waters of St Francis Bay very productive - hence the excellent fishing.

St Francis Bay and the surrounding area is characterized by breathtaking natural scenery which includes a network of rivers, lagoons, estuaries and beautiful beaches. Cape St Francis is situated at the south-western extremity of St Francis Bay. The historic 2.7 million candle power Cape St Francis lighthouse is on a rocky outcrop known as Seal Point. Seal Point is not only reputed to be one of the finest fishing spots (especially for yellowtail) in Country but also an international surfing hotspot with an awesome break known simply as "Seals".

From Seal Point in the west, a magnificent stretch of golden sand beach broken here and there by rocky shores sweeps around to the north east giving shelter - the resort village of St Francis Bay.

An outstanding recreational asset of St Francis Bay is the Kromme River Estuary which is about 14km long (navigable for 8km) and remains permanently open to the sea.
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