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The Kruger National Park is amongst the world's 20 largest reserves with an area close on 2 million ha. It also supports the greatest diversity of animal species of any park in Africa. So, within this huge region, how good is the Crocodile Bridge area in terms of game viewing potential? This area supports very nutritious grasslands that in turn supports large herds of grazers which in turn are the food source for predators such as lion, hyaena and wild dogs. Cheetah are seen fairly frequently and so are leopard especially along the riverine areas. It is the best area in the Kruger to see white rhino and the denser thorn thickets are home to the Kruger's black rhinos. There is a particularly large herd of buffalo in the Crocodile Bridge area and lots of elephants as well. All in all the area teems with big game.

All in all the area teems with big game
Topographically Ngwenya is at one of the lowest elevations in the Kruger, geologically it sits at the interface between shale and basalt and climatically it receives between 550 and 600mm of rainfall most of which falls between October and April. Whilst game tends to congregate around permanent water sources from July through to September, good sightings are reported throughout the year along the riverfront at Ngwenya.

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