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Prime real estate immediately adjoining the Kruger National Park is virtually unobtainable. If and when such land becomes available it usually costs a fortune and is snapped up by Developers and/or the Super Wealthy. When it adjoins and overlooks a major perennial river such as the Crocodile River the value of the real estate is increased even further because riparian habitats offer superior wildlife viewing experiences. Such is the setting of Ngwenya Lodge.
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Ngwenya Lodge has three different ownership options available to investors, namely, timeshare, Fractional Ownerships (commonly referred to as syndications) and whole ownership. These options are explained below.
Conventional Timeshare - selected weeks in preferred seasons
Resales Only
Conventional timeshare is the preferred form of holiday ownership offered at Ngwenya Lodge because it best suits the needs of most Kruger Park enthusiasts who come to the Kruger one to three times per annum. With this option you are able to select the chalet size (studio unit, 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom or 3 bedroom) that suits your needs and the weeks in your preferred seasons for visiting the Kruger National Park. Once purchased, you own an exclusive right of use to the chalet/s and week/s registered in your name. You never have to pre-book and your ownership is in perpetuity.

With this option price is determined by:

  • Chalet size (studio unit, 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom or 3 bedroom).
  • Chalet position (river front, dam facing, park view).
  • Season (peak, high, mid- season).

The legal basis of ownership at Ngwenya Lodge is within a Share Block Company. Ngwenya Lodge comprises two Share Block Companies, namely Ngwenya 3 Share Block and Ngwenya 4 Share Block. Ngwenya 3 Share Block is sold out and weeks are only available on resale. All chalets in Ngwenya 3 Share Block recently refurbished to the exacting standards of the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa (TGCSA).

Ngwenya 4 Share Block is the most recent portion of the development and is situated on the Crocodile River at Hippo Bend. Hippo Bend timeshare units are all river facing with great views of the river and adjoining Kruger Park. The chalets meet the requirements of the TGCSA and are 4 Star graded.

Timeshare weeks at Ngwenya Lodge run from Friday to Friday. Week 1 starts on the second Friday of each New Year.

Limited Shared Ownership - fractional ownership
Resales Only
These spacious double storey units sleep a maximum of ten people. They have 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms (two bedrooms are upstairs and two downstairs) and an open plan living area comprising kitchen, lounge and dining room with sleeper couch for kids. The living area leads onto a veranda with a built-in braai. Each unit has two carports.
With this ownership option you would own one or more of the 13 available ownership slots in each chalet. Each slot comprises 4 weeks use per annum. Generally each of the 4 weeks falls into a different season of the year allowing you to experience all of the Kruger's fabulous seasons. The weeks move according to a pre-determined rotational calendar.
Some fractional owners may limit their ownership to one slot (4 weeks) while others may opt to own more than one slot depending on how often they intend visiting the Kruger.
Whole ownership / exclusive private syndications
Resales Only
Whole ownership is for the serious wildlife enthusiast who wants to spend as much time as possible at the Kruger National Park.
Five lodges at Hippo Bend are either owned outright or by a private syndicate. These lodges have additional facilities such as private plunge pools, viewing decks etc (exact layout varies from lodge to lodge). All are sold out and investment opportunities are therefore limited and dependant on resales becoming available. If you are interested in acquiring a share in one of these lodges please submit an enquiry.
RCI affiliation
Of added value to an investment in holiday ownership at Ngwenya Lodge is its affiliation to R.C.I., the worldwide holiday exchange network. Ngwenya Lodge enjoys a R.C.I. Gold Crown grading. This places it amongst the top affiliated resorts worldwide. In a nutshell R.C.I. affiliation means that besides being able to use Ngwenya Lodge for Kruger Park holidays you have a mechanism to save and exchange the time you own at Ngwenya for holidays elsewhere, either locally or abroad. R.C.I. exchanges provide the most cost-effective means for rand earning South Africans to holiday abroad. These savings alone yield a considerable tax free return on your holiday investment.
Service fees (levy)
All owners pay a service fee (levy) once per annum per week owned. This covers the cost of daily servicing, the washing and changing of linen and towels, the use of water and electricity, television, insurance, the upkeep of the common property (gardens, swimming pool etc), future refurbishment and replacement, resort administration, reception and security. It is important to understand that it is prohibited by law for anyone to profit from the service fee. Any excess of income over expenditure goes into the levy reserve fund. Financial records of income and expenditure are presented to shareholders.

Controlled annual levy increases reflect sound ongoing financial management at Ngwenya Lodge.
Sound Holiday Investment
Ngwenya Lodge is one of the most successful timeshare developments in South Africa. The development is a registered member of VOASA (Vacation Ownership Association of Southern Africa) which means that that it has complied with all the legal requirements for a timeshare scheme in South Africa. The development is a 4 star TGCSA (Tourism Grading Council of South Africa) self-catering resort. It is also R.C.I. Gold Crown graded which is a reflection of the international standard of accommodation, service and holiday experience on offer. The Developer of Ngwenya Lodge is Quality Time Marketing under the leadership of Ian Wilcocks. The managing agent is Vacation Recreational Services (VRS). VRS is a well known and very successful managing agent with a sound track record that currently manages 19 timeshare resorts and 7 Club Associations. In addition to the Board of Directors, an independent audit committee is appointed to ensure legal compliance with all matters financial. The development has been released from all land claims and is unbonded which means that Ngwenya Lodge can be considered a safe and sound holiday investment.
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