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Ngwenya vision: To provide a sustained, exceptional
holiday experience of a world class standard,
through the passion of a dedicated team.
Ngwenya's unique setting on the edge of a major perennial river that forms the southern boundary of the world famous Kruger National Park provides an unbeatable setting for viewing the Big Five without even having to leave the property. Animals come to the river to drink and, in the case of the big cats, hunt.
Crocodile River
As it passes Ngwenya, the Crocodile River is characterised by a vast open floodplain on the Kruger Park side and an extensive reed bed on the Ngwenya Lodge side. The reed bed serves to attract elephant, buffalo, hippo and waterbuck and it’s not uncommon to encounter these animals in close proximity to river front chalets and hides.

Mozambique tilapia (kurper) are common in the Crocodile River and dams at Ngwenya

The Crocodile River as a whole boasts the richest diversity of fish species of any river system in South Africa and the Lower Crocodile, which forms the southern border of the Kruger Park, is inhabited by more than 30 species including the mighty tiger fish.
Four Kruger Park ecozones converge on the area surrounding Ngwenya Lodge making it the ideal setting to wise up to the trees most likely to be encountered when travelling through the south eastern section of the Kruger Park.
Dominant trees include the Leadwood, various Bushwillow spp, Knob-thorn, Buffalo thorn, Tamboti, Weeping Boer-bean, Marula, Apple-leaf, Jackal-berry, Fever tree and other Acacia species.
Places of water are places of life. For this reason a wide diversity of mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians live in and around the riverine habitat at Ngwenya Lodge and this is what makes the setting so appealing.
Lions are seen frequently from Ngwenya Lodge
Things to do while staying at Ngwenya Lodge
Ngwenya Lodge is a family orientated resort and whilst the main emphasis is understandably wildlife orientated, Ngwenya Lodge and the surrounding area offers a huge range of facilities and activities such as golf, tiger fishing and game drives.
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