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Newsletter Nine - Winter 2009

Date: August 2009
Dear Members

Change of Email Address
Please note that our NRLA email address has been changed to reflect the name correctly i.e. nrla@bundunet.com (not nrfa). Please change your address record accordingly. We have arranged with Bundunet that emails using the old address will be redirected to us, so hopefully nothing will go astray!

Informal Settlement in NR Village
NRLA have, for some months, been monitoring developments in the informal settlement which has been mushrooming in the old Transnet compound alongside the railway line. We have been in consultation with Transnet senior officials, uMngeni Municipality and the NR SAPS. The Community Police Forum and NR Development Company (the developers of the proposed Hillside affordable income housing complex) are also involved in all attempts to prevent new shacks being built and in resolving the existing settlement situation. We currently await the outcome of meetings with uMngeni Municipal officials with whom we have arranged a visit to the site in order to agree a plan of action. As soon as we have been advised of concrete action plans to address this problem we will inform the community thereof.

We wish to express a very BIG Thank You to those generous donors who provided emergency supplies for the bona fide families who lost everything when the Transnet compound houses were burned out in the recent fire.

Nottingham Road Refreshed
Members will be aware of the initiative which was launched last month to tidy up and revitalize Nottingham Road Village (under the banner Nottingham Road Refreshed). The NRR working group is a sub-committee of NRLA but will function and manage its activities autonomously. Members of the NRR sub-committee are Kari Greene (convenor), Angie Greene, Gary Cox, Bobby Hoole, Natasha Strong, Sarah Ellis and Margi McGrath. NRLA will (i) contribute secretarial support, (ii) facilitate marketing and other communications via the NRLA database and (iii) manage financial transactions to ensure transparency and accountability. NRR have to date received pledges for an estimated R34k (incl. R19k from the Bullwear Flyfishing Competition) plus various other items such as 6m Plane trees, a Sponsored Golf Day and various materials.

It has been agreed that the NRR initiative will be a co-ordinated and cohesive project within the NRLA umbrella so that potential conflicts of interest or competition for scarce resources can be avoided. It is essential that this drive to upgrade our village does not detract from nor jeopardize NRLA’s ability to fund Bobby Hoole’s consulting fee since the work he does on our behalf, particularly with uMngeni Municipality, is critical to the long term viability of our whole community. We request therefore, that community members support both the NRR initiative and the NRLA itself by accepting both entities as serving the best interests of the whole community in an integrated manner.

A comprehensive strategic plan for the village will be developed and communicated to the community so that as and when various activities are planned for either or both NRR and NRLA such events will be seen in context of the plan.

Membership Subscriptions
There are still MANY membership subscriptions outstanding. PLEASE would those tardy members make an effort to pay their subs immediately. NRLA really struggles to come out on the membership subscriptions so it is really important that we get these monies in as soon as possible. We are in a tight squeeze to meet Bobby Hoole’s fees as it is – and everyone in the whole area benefits directly or indirectly from the work he has been doing as our Liaising Consultant. It is therefore, ideally, our contention that everyone in the community support our efforts by joining NRLA !! If the majority of individuals living in, working in or owning property in the Nottingham Road area were members, NRLA would be in a much stronger position to undertake funding of projects such as NRR without having to beg for donations or go on fund-raising drives at every turn.

Outstanding Municipal Rates
The 2-year window of lenience given by uMngeni Municipality for resolution of rates problems has now closed. Members with outstanding rates payments or problems will now be individually liable for all penalties/interest charges levied by the municipality on unpaid rates with no leeway given. Should members wish to approach Bobby Hoole for assistance at any time from now they will have to negotiate a consulting fee directly with him if he is willing to assist in such a manner.

Liaising Consultant Report
Attached is the July/August report from Bobby Hoole

  • Bobby Hoole Report
  • Yours sincerely


    Reciprocity Agreement

    Gowrie Farm has entered into a Reciprocity Agreement with Prince's Grant. Please note that Gowrie Farm members qualify to play a round of golf at Prince's Grant for R15,00. Proof of Gowrie Farm membership is required by way of producing your Gowrie Farm membership card.

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