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A Fully Working Farm
Gowrie Farm is the portion of the development property which falls outside the boundaries of the individual subdivisions, the workers cottages and the golf course. This land has been be leased by the Developer to Ian Murray Greene for a period of 10 years for the purpose of operating a farm. The lease is subject to the following terms and conditions:
  1. The period of the lease is 10 years from 1st June 2005. The farmer will be entitled to renew the lease for a further two periods of 5 years each.
  2. The land may only be used for the purposes of farming cattle, game, sheep and horses and the planting of crops.
  3. The farmer must allow all home owners to traverse over Gowrie Farm on foot, or on horseback. Home owners may utilise roads for the purpose of cycling and driving vehicles.
  4. The farmer must maintain all farm roads (i.e. those roads that are used primarily for farming purposes only) in reasonable condition at his expense.
  5. The farmer must maintain all farm fences. Fences around the residential houses must be maintained by the HOA and/or the individual home owners.
  6. The grassland areas will be maintained in accordance with the management plan for the estate which will be produced in conjunction with the trustees of the Bill Barnes Crane and Oribi Sanctuary.
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