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Gowrie Farm Golf and Fly Fishing Estate
The Gowrie Farm Golf Course
The golf course is situated on the development property and will remain the property of the developers who will be responsible for its maintenance and upkeep. In terms of the development plan, construction of the golf course was scheduled to begin within 6 months of the date of commencement of road construction and would be completed as soon as reasonably possible thereafter taking weather conditions and seasons into account. Construction of roads began ahead of schedule in October 2005 and has since been completed. In addition an extensive tree planting program has seen close on 100 large trees transplanted on the estate.
  1. Golf Club and Social Membership of Gowrie Farm Golf Club
    All home owners will be obliged to become and remain owner members of the Gowrie Farm Golf Club (GFGC) and will be entitled to access to the golf course, subject to the terms and conditions determined by the developers, or their successors in title from time to time. Owner members will include the registered owner of the property, the spouse and minor (under 21) children. In the case of the owner being a Company, Close Corporation, Trust or other legal entity, then the owner member will be owner's nominee, spouse and children under the age of 21. A condition of title to this effect will be registered in the title deeds of the property. The annual subscription for an owner member will be R4800 which will include free golf.

    In cases where more than one person jointly owns a share in the property, then the second person or additional co-owners will be additional members. Additional members will also include the spouse and the children under the age of 21 of the additional members. Additional members will be limited to not more than 9 per property and the annual subscription for an additional member will be half the annual subscription payable by an owner member.

    In addition to owner and additional members, there will be a maximum of 200 ordinary members. Ordinary members are those persons who do not own properties but wish to acquire full membership of the golf club. There will also be spouse members and junior members. Spouse members are those whose spouses who are ordinary members and who choose such membership category. Junior members are persons under the age of 21. Spouse members and junior members shall pay not more than half the subscription of an ordinary member.

  2. Consent to a further 9 holes
    The consent of the Development Facilitation Tribunal to develop the property allows for a 9 hole golf course. However, in the future the developer may wish to increase the golf course to an 18 hole golf course. Should the developer or his successor in title wish to build the additional 9 holes, all purchasers must consent to the application to the relevant authorities for permission and agree to support such an application. If the golf course is increased to 18 holes the number of ordinary members may be increased to 300.

    In addition, should the developer apply to build a further 9 holes, then the developer will also be entitled to apply for an additional 24 estate homes to be built in the approximate positions shown on the site plan. Purchasers agree to grant to the developer a power of attorney to vote on behalf of them in favour of the additional 9 holes and 24 homes and to act as their agent in regard to any requirements which the authorities may need from the home owners to support the application. Purchasers must sign a power of attorney, together with the transfer documents, which will be prepared by the conveyancers on behalf of the developer.

  3. Golf Clubhouse Facility
    The Golf Clubhouse has been built by the developer and includes a bar, half-way house, lounge, change-rooms, pro shop and 5 double bedrooms available on a Bed and Breakfast basis. The clubhouse enjoys a superb setting on the edge of one of the fly-fishing dams and overlooks the golf course and farm.
Gowrie Farm Clubhouse
Clubhouse Bed and Breakfast Bedroom Clubhouse Bar Clubhouse Lounge
Golf Course Panorama
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